Updated on December 2021
  • Q3, 2021, Chemix Pad went online and conducted its first Dutch auction.
  • Q4, 2021, Chemix Pad completed updates. And over 29 auctions have been held on the BSC network, approximately 6 million USD value has been committed. The Average APR for participants was 300+%. Chemix DID, and Chemix DEX has been designed, integrating different products into the whole Chemix Ecosystem.
  • Q1, 2022, Chemix Pad will upgrade to the 2.0 version. CVT tokens claimable function will be added to the system, claim center online. The development of Chemix DEX Version 1.0 will be complete. The users can trade CVT tokens on Chemix DEX.
  • Q2, 2022, Chemix DID will go online to establish general user identification DID system based on NFT. The whole Chemix Ecosystem will be preliminary verified.
  • Q3. 2022, the team will focus on further expanding on large-amount asset transfer transactions and deepening the market.
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