Chemix Auction: the marketplace for Web3 evangelists

Chemix Auction was designed originally to handle the OTC trading needs of crypto token holders. Our service boosts the capital turnover rate of token holders and provides a tier 1.5 market for qualified investors to earn stable returns with predictable risk from price-discounting auctions.

With Chemix Auction, issuers can “mirror” locked on-chain assets, such as private sales shares or in-staking tokens. According to a particular proportion, token sale issuers only need to pledge designated assets (e.g., the QSD stablecoin). Then they can mint different CVTs (Chemix Voucher Token) as mirror assets of what they want to sell, publish Dutch auctions, get immediate value, and realize a high-efficiency capital circulation.

At the same time, Chemix Auction users can get the intended assets at a fair price by bidding (attending the auctions):

  • Qualified investors who purchased the tokens with specific vesting terms and discounts on the price can hedge the forward price dumping risk using derivatives in CEXes or DEXes. Combining third-party derivatives platforms and Chemix Auction can create shallow risk and predictable high returns investment tools.

  • Retail investors tend to purchase the tokens in auctions without any hedging strategy. They will take more uncertain risks than qualified investors with low-risk strategies. However, on the other hand, those retail investors also carry the potential high returns in the future in case of good performance of the tokens they purchased.

Chemix Auction now supports two types of auctions: Dutch Auctions and Fixed Price Auctions.

In Chemix Auction, the issuers using CVTs (Chemix Voucher Token) for the claimable rights of future delivery crypto assets, qualified users participate in the auction on CVT, after auction they can hold or trade CVTs on Chemix DEX. After the distribution date, CVT holders can claim target token at the Claim Center of Chemix Auction.

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