Fixed price auction

Fixed price auctions will be the first choice for issuers from crypto projects, giant DeFi whales, or token holders who want to share certain auction information with market participants. In a fixed price auction, issuers and purchasers are all aware of their returns and costs in advance. In IDOs, IEOs, and ICOs, set price sales are well-accepted by the market. A number of famous DAOs used fixed-price fundraising for their initial offerings, including ConstitutionDAO, CityDAO, OpenDAO, and FreeRossDAO. Those DAOs used fungible tokens for their fundraising (People, SOS, Free...), some used NFTs (CityDAO), and some used NFTs for their fundraising (CityDAO). Chemix Pad supports fungible tokens at the present time as well as NFTs shortly. It is our mission to make Chemix Pad a powerful financial tool for as many DAOs as possible in the Web3 era.

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